The Women’s REACH Program (funded by CT DMHAS) is designed to provide outreach, engagement, short term case management, recovery coaching, connections to community and recovery support resources to pregnant and parenting women with substance use or co-occurring disorders AND parenting/expecting fathers, grandparents, LGBTQIA+ individuals, partners of WRN clients, and other immediate parenting family or neutral support who have been impacted by substance sue, either personally by the use of the child’s parent. With the support of a Recovery navigator, these individuals will be connected to resources they need to facilitate their recovery including but not limited to MAT/MOUD and behavioral health supports, community supports, harm reduction, Family Care Plan development, reproductive health services, medical needs, basic needs, and child needs. Services are individualized averaging 1-90 days with extension flexibility for special cases, Participation in REACH is voluntary

There is no wrong door for referrals- self , provider, and community-based program referrals welcome!

Agency Contact Name:  Kimberly Norris

Phone: (203) 479-2616